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3 most popular diets for fast weight loss

3 most popular diets for fast weight loss

The most effective diet for fast weight loss; a selection of the best systems and techniques with descriptions, rules, advantages, possible difficulties, and contraindications.

The most effective diet for weight loss at home

However, fast effective diets have a downside; the result is short-term. The kilograms lost by starvation return as quickly as they left. In addition, extreme ways of losing weight are almost disposable. They help to reduce weight once, twice. But they stop working overtime. This is due to the fact that periods of acute calorie deficit are stressful for the body, and gradually it “learns” to resist it. Therefore, more and more girls prefer not extreme methods of weight loss, but a healthy balanced diet that guarantees long-term results.

But sometimes you still need to lose weight quickly; before sports competitions, special dates or events. In the list of requirements for some professions, weight standards are specified, and if you fall out of the standard, only a fast and effective diet can solve the problem. We have collected the most popular diet modes that help you get rid of 5-10 excess pounds. But use reasonable caution! Drastic dietary restrictions may have side effects.

Top 3 most effective diets

The easiest and fastest way to lose a few pounds at home is mono-diets. They have several disadvantages; the monotony of dishes that cause a lack of vitamins and trace elements, the rapid return of lost pounds, the need to consult a doctor. And yet they are among the most effective diets for rapid weight loss.

Diet for the lazy

Sometimes there is no time for cooking and complex recipes. The good news is that there are effective diets that do not require culinary delights. The main principle of the “lazy” diet; before eating, you need to drink 2 glasses of clean warm water. Be sure to only warm! The bottom line is simple; warm water will extinguish the feeling of hunger, while at the same time preventing overeating.

As part of this method, you need to quickly reduce weight three times a day, there are practically no restrictions on products. Although it is better to refuse sweets, fatty and fried dishes, as well as alcohol and carbonated drinks.

Buckwheat diet

With this mono-diet, you can lose up to 10 kg in a week. However, buckwheat porridge should not be boiled, but steamed. Because of this, it becomes not so tasty, but it helps to reduce weight. First, wash the cereal, pour boiling water, and wait for the grains to fully swell. This takes a long time, so you need to steam the porridge for 12 hours. It is best to do this in the evening. Add a little salt, spices, and a spoonful of soy sauce to the buckwheat.

The Dukan Diet

This is a protein diet that is based on an almost complete rejection of carbohydrates. Pierre Dukan assured that this way you can eat constantly, diversifying the menu. Still, the diet created by Dukan is not suitable for everyone, but only for those who need to lose 10 kg or more, and who are willing to wait a month or longer for results.

The transition to a carb-free diet occurs in several stages. First, you completely eliminate carbohydrates, replacing them with protein. Then alternate the vegetables and protein, stabilizing the weight. Then you can slightly introduce carbohydrates into the diet, but their share should still not exceed 10% of the total number of products.

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