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Benefits of Beta-Glucan Supplements

Do Beta-Glucan Supplements Work

Beta-Glucan Supplements have become popular as a supplement to help prevent chronic diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, and diabetes. However, not all beta-glucan supplements are created equal. Here are some common types of supplements that are available.

Beta-Glucan is made up of a series of glucose polysaccharides that naturally occur within the cell membranes of many organisms, with varying physicochemical properties depending on the specific source. The polysaccharide chains of yeast are attached to a carbohydrate called starch, which is the primary energy source for bacteria and plants. The glucose polysaccharide chains are broken down into smaller fragments called gluconic acids by enzymes, resulting in an inactive and unabsorbable substance called glucans. Glucans are a natural part of many plant foods but are generally removed during the processing of these products and are often discarded as waste. In recent years, however, scientists have begun using enzymes to speed up the digestion of foodstuffs that contain glucans and other ingredients.

Do Beta-Glucan Supplements Work?

Because glucose is the primary energy source for the human body, the breakdown of glucans to absorbable amounts of glucose is essential to the body. However, not all beta-glucan supplements contain glucans as the main ingredient. Many companies use a combination of other ingredients to increase the level of absorption. The most common ingredients are enzymes and proteins. Some of these ingredients can cause side effects if they are too high or low in concentration.

Enzyme Supplementation The digestive enzymes found in beta-glucan supplements are essential for reducing or eliminating symptoms associated with some gastrointestinal illnesses and other inflammatory disorders. The most common ingredients used to enhance the level of digestive enzymes in supplements include; amylase, lactase, and sucrase. These digestive enzymes break down sugar molecules into simpler, more easily absorbed sugars. This helps prevent the gas formation and other intestinal discomfort and promotes the elimination of solid waste from the body.

Protein Supplements can be added to some supplements to increase the amount of glucose that is absorbed and used in the body. This increases blood glucose levels and provides an instant energy boost. Most protein supplements also contain other vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Some protein supplements may contain glutamine, thiamine HCL, and lecithin. These ingredients are known to reduce the activity of enzymes that cause toxins to build up in the body. They also help to speed up the breakdown of stored carbohydrates, improve circulation, and regulate the absorption of nutrients.

The Immune Benefits of Beta-Glucans

Beta-Glucan is also added to certain foods in the form of animal products, such as milk. This is commonly referred to as glucosamine. Glucosamine acts as a building block of cartilage in the body. It is also added to bones, cartilage, and muscle tissues. Since it contains many beneficial components, this component is typically added to some types of medications.

Some people take glucosamine supplements to reduce the amount of sodium and potassium that is excreted through urine. Since glucosamine lowers high blood pressure, this may be helpful in lowering blood pressure as well. The glucosamine found in supplements can help prevent or reduce the buildup of calcium deposits in arteries.

Beta-glucan is a complex carbohydrate that has been proven to be useful in preventing and treating a variety of gastrointestinal conditions, including colitis and ulcerative colitis. Glucosamine supplements are among the best forms of dietary supplementation to boost your immune system and decrease your risk for chronic diseases.

The use of glucosamine supplements to increase digestive enzyme activity is one way to help keep the digestive tract working properly and reduce the production of harmful acids. This can help the body to digest foods easier and provide an immediate energy boost.

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