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Benefits of yoga for men

Benefits of yoga for men


The popularity of yoga worldwide as a spiritual relaxation activity is increasing day by day. So what are the benefits of yoga? Yoga is an easy, adaptable, and attractive form of physical activity, and participating in a yoga program can be a good option for men who want to stay in shape. Here are benefits of yoga for men.

Men who practice yoga often share anecdotes about its beneficial effects on their mental and physical health. After such reports, our doctors conducted studies to verify whether the benefits were real or not. Men who research the benefits of yoga, in our news “What are the benefits of yoga?” They can find the answer to the question.

Some studies have revealed that different yoga practices can improve a person’s overall sense of health and various aspects of their physical health. For example, a number of studies from 2017 showed that people who participated in a yoga program experienced lower anxiety and depression.

Studies on yoga have found that yoga practice is associated with a lower risk of cognitive impairment in men. Research earlier this year found that 8 weeks of intense yoga practice reduced symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Unfortunately, there is a prejudice that yoga is something that can only be done by women. In fact, because of this prejudice, “Is it a man doing yoga !?” You might even be surprised. However, yoga is a meditative practice that centers the soul-body integrity regardless of whether it is male or female.

Benefits of yoga for men

  • By means of exercises for the spine, the center of the trunk is strengthened and your posture disorders are eliminated.
  • As a result of stretching and strengthening of the muscles, the accumulated lactic acid that causes pain and fatigue is removed.
  • Thanks to the physical movements made, all your muscles stretch and strengthen.
  • We sweat in moving asanas (yoga poses). In this way, toxins are removed from the skin and the skin shines.
  • Through breathing exercises, the muscles surrounding your rib cage strengthen, your rib cage expands, your lung capacity increases, your breathing is regulated and your respiratory system improves.
  • Your chronic pain can be cured.
  • Yoga creates a massage effect on your internal organs during transitions between asanas and asanas. In this way, your glands work and your hormones are balanced.
  • Weight balance is provided.
  • Your sleep quality increases.
  • Toxins are removed from your lungs through your breath.
  • It speeds up your blood flow. In this way, oxygen intake increases and blood pressure is normalized.
  • Yoga is mainly focused on the muscles surrounding the spine. Thus, your spine stretches, gets longer and stronger.

Is it harmful?

Since yoga is a physical as well as mental activity, there is of course the risk of injury during yoga, just like doing any exercise. However, in a study conducted by Holger Cramer in 2013, 76 accidents that occurred during yoga were examined, and only two of them were found to have serious consequences.

Problems with the muscles and skeleton can often arise, which may be due to carelessness or insufficient safety of materials such as mat-socks. In short, there is always the possibility of getting hurt by yoga if you are not careful. To avoid this, it will be enough to learn how to work with a yoga instructor, participate in yoga classes and how to protect yourself in the poses by getting one-to-one guidance, and be careful during yoga.

Benefits of yoga for men sexually

Also, we have to admit that if you’ve practiced yoga for even a short time, you’ll look sexier. We are not just talking about your body starting to take shape, the self-confidence of listening to yourself and making peace with your body will even be reflected in your looks and smile.

Well, did you know that yoga is good for premature ejaculation? India’s national sport, yoga, a nation that has contemplated the science of sex for thousands of years like the Kama Sutra, both cures premature ejaculation and makes sexuality more enjoyable.

According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, men who practiced yoga for 12 weeks reported improvement in their sexual function. Among these, desire, satisfaction with sex, performance, ejaculation control and orgasm control, recovery emerged as the main factors measured.

Yoga also calms the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and makes breathing easier. All of these make it easier to deal with stressful moments. Since yoga brings flexibility to the muscles, it allows especially those who train hard to stretch their body in different directions.

Yoga speeds up your weight loss and fat burning. Yoga is not only sitting cross-legged, active yoga movements especially accelerate your fat burning.

If you do not have a healthy posture, your aging will accelerate. Sitting at a desk, hunched over or wearing unsuitable shoes; permanently disrupts your spine. Yoga, on the other hand, increases our spine flexibility. Yoga improves spine flexibility and mobility, making us a younger and healthier posture.

Other Informations

Actually, there is no gender discrimination in sports. Women who have almost the same muscles build muscle longer than men. For this reason, yoga, which is the ideal sport for men, is a sport that you can do by sparing an hour a day and relax your soul.

Yoga, in which you can lose weight by burning your fat, stretches the sebaceous glands that suppress your muscles and allows you to build muscle more easily.

Did you know that professional athletes around the world practice yoga outside of their training? An ideal method for stretching the body, including football players, yoga is suitable for both men and women. For this reason, it can be a nice event that you can attend with every individual of the opposite sex to make it happen and bring it to life.

Of course, do not neglect to do sports. Do not forget to take 10 thousand steps a day.

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