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Breast augmentation silicone or saline

Breast augmentation silicone or saline

Breast augmentation silicone or saline

One of the topics that has been wondering recently is “Breast augmentation silicone or saline”. The most talked about options for breast augmentation surgery are the choice between silicone or saline breast prostheses. All breast prostheses contain silicone on the outside of the prosthesis. Textured or smooth, the sheath that holds the material in is a multi-purpose polymer.

We recommend that women who are considering breast augmentation surgery go to a consultation without a certain size, shape and type of breast implants in mind. It’s good to have an idea of the desired details. However, a large part of the plastic surgeon’s job is to determine the aesthetic goals of the patients, then how to achieve the desired appearance from their current appearance.

It may be helpful for the patient to have information before meeting with her doctor to understand which prosthesis options will produce results.

Saline Breast Prostheses

Saline is the technical name given to saline and is the same liquid found in serums used to support or keep patients hydrated if they are unable to keep the patient’s fluids. These prostheses can start as an empty silicone shell, after this shell is placed, it is filled until it reaches the desired size. Or these prostheses may be pre-filled.

Breast prostheses are designed with longevity in mind. However, prostheses are likely to be damaged over time. In other words, there are chances of it splintering. If saline-filled denture leaks, remember that the solution is sterile and made of things that are already in the body.

Unfortunately, a leak also causes your prosthesis to collapse. As a result, the shape and size of your breast changes. In this case, your prosthesis should be reviewed. The prosthesis may need to be changed during this procedure.

Silicone Prostheses

Silicone breast prostheses are filled with silicone. As a polymer, this silicone is more solid and less fluid than salt water. Most women prefer this type of prosthesis because this material acts and feels like natural breast tissue.

Silicone leaks are not so obvious because silicone does not leak as easily as water. Women should go through a special imaging that identifies problems to determine if there is rupture in their silicone implants. We recommend that they have regular check ups as long as they have prostheses to make sure that their prosthesis is functioning properly.

The choice is yours: Breast augmentation silicone or saline

Silicone gel is a polymer that does not cause allergies or sensitivities to people and does not cause any reactions in humans. Breast implants are designed with longevity in mind, but the probability of damage to the implants over time is high.

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