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Corona Virus Outbreak: Be careful

Corona Virus Outbreak

Corona Virus Outbreak

Corona Virus Outbreak;We all know that because of Corona Virus people in the world suffer from it. İt is also known as Covid-19 which means coronavirus Disease 2019. It started to spread among the people in China. So many investigations show us that one person ate a bat that has any kind of virus and Covid-19 spread from it.

People who are suffering from Corona Virus generally are older than 40 years old and have respiratory disease. It aims to spread from the people who have respiratory disease. Symptoms of Corona Virus are high fever, difficulty in breathing, dry cough, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. However, people in the world must not be nervous if they become anxious, panic increases.

Corona virus is so hazardous that it can kill so many people if it can not be treated. Treatment can be through vaccine. Current news is that a few companies in the United States have found the vaccine. In fact, this vaccine cures 90%. After this incident, everyone was hopeful.

What should we pay attention to for ?

We all must not be afraid of this virus because it can be treated. There are some important things that we must apply. For instance, we must not go outside from our house since it is being spreaded from the air.

We must cancel our flights or travels to other countries. We must wash our hands with soap oftenly. So far, unfortunately, people died due to Covid-2019. Number is increasing day by day.

Transportation, schools, coffees, AVMs are limited in case it is being spreaded. For example, England closed their schools till the second command. After China, Italy and Iran have the most death of any country in the world.

People must take a rest and consume liquid beverages if they think they are suffering from Corona Virus.

If you are having problems with your health, you should go to the doctor or call 911. If you want to know more about these, you should follow U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.


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