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Coronavirus Loss Of Taste and Smell

Coronavirus Loss Of Taste and Smell


According to the World Health Organization, symptoms of coronavirus include loss of taste and smell. Have you caught coronavirus disease? I hope your answer will be no. Because I lived. I even wrote about it. I recommend you to read. You can read how I spent my first day by clicking here. Please be careful too. Don’t forget to put on your mask. Keep a distance of 1.5 meters from people.

The coronavirus struggle continues in many countries of the world. Symptoms of coronavirus include loss of taste and smell, and the loss of sensation is shown as a disorder in the stimulation of the vessels feeding these nerves.

Many people wonder when the loss of smell and taste will pass while suffering from coronavirus disease. These losses are some of the newest symptoms that need improvement. When will the loss of smell and taste that affect the quality of life for a long time end?

Although the loss of the sense of smell and taste is not an ordinary disorder, it appears as a symptom in the coronavirus process. These disorders affect your quality of life and are a harbinger of serious diseases due to other underlying health problems.

One of the serious health problems with the inability to smell and taste is the new coronavirus (Covid-19) infection, which is the disease on our agenda.

Many people wonder how long the coronavirus loss of smell and taste lasts. It is wondered how long the loss, which is the symptom that most affects people, resolves. A wide variety of symptoms of the disease have been identified since the coronavirus epidemic started. Studies have revealed that most people with coronavirus infections experience some losses. The inability to smell when the nose is open, severe smell disorder and taste loss are among the symptoms of coronavirus. These symptoms may accompany other symptoms of the coronavirus or may manifest themselves alone.

When does the loss of smell and taste come back?

The loss of smell and taste lasts an average of 1 week. The coronavirus process takes an average of 10-14 days. If you experience sudden loss of taste that is not associated with a cold, allergy or chronic rhinitis (nasal cavity inflammation), you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

How long will your loss of smell and taste last?

Preliminary data published from the American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS) show that 27% of Covid-19 patients who lost their sense of smell experience “some improvement” within about 7 days, while most patients are better within 10 days. has been. Although most coronavirus patients can overcome the loss of taste and smell completely, disease may be permanent in some patients.

Some patients may partially regain their olfactory function. The fact that this symptom is quite common causes concern. Because loss of smell is not a problem to be taken lightly and negatively affects daily life. For example, if you cannot smell, you cannot detect a burning substance. This also cannot protect you from dangers.


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