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Healthy Choice Fudge Bars Review

Satisfy your sweet tooth without guilt by enjoying Healthy Choice Fudge Bars at home. This 18-ounce box is ideal to have on hand as a quick healthy snack for parties and a quick healthy dessert after dinner. What is in this Healthy Choice Fudge Bar Kit? This healthy choice fudge bar kit includes premium-grade award-winning ice cream bars filled with tasty, wholesome ingredients such as sugar-free, low calorie whipped topping, buttermilk, blueberry bark, maple syrup, and banana.

Healthy Selection Fudge Bars Content

Healthy Choice Fudge Bar Kit contains no-calorie sugar and no trans fat, which makes it a healthy choice for dessert. The healthy ingredients provide an extra boost of vitamins and minerals essential for good nutrition, and the antioxidants found help to protect our body from harmful free radicals. The buttermilk adds moisture, which helps keep ice creams or toppings from melting into bulky deserts. The maple syrup gives rich, dark chocolate with a smooth taste that goes great with fruit, cookies, and other desserts.

In addition to a variety of flavors, Healthy Choice has several healthy bars to choose from. Try the Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar, the Caramel Apple Bar, and the Minty Caramel Bar all with less than 20 calories per serving. For a boost of flavor, try the all-organic, premium Fudge in Black, which has a mild cinnamon flavor. There are also chocolate fudge bars and banana split available. If you prefer a lighter chocolate flavor, try the non-dairy alternative chocolate bars with no artificial sweetener.

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For a high-calorie treat, try the Healthy Choice Fudge Pop, which comes in five servings and has less than two teaspoons of added sugar. While the fudge pops are good any time, they’re especially great at Christmas and on special occasions when there are more festive foods to tempt your taste buds. Other healthy organic fudge bars include the Chocolate Caramel Bar, the Blueberry Cobbler Bar, and the Lemon Dessert Bar.

The Healthy Choice Premium Fudge Bars come in a variety of flavors including butterscotch, dark cherry, white tea, blueberry apple, cinnamon spice, honey, and maple. At only 98 calories per serving, the Healthy Choice Premium Fudge Bars are a healthy alternative to other high-calorie, high-carbohydrate snacks. With only about four grams of total carbs, there is no need to count calories when you choose these premium bars. With high fiber serving size and an assortment of flavors, it’s easy to find one that will fit into your healthy dieting goals.

If you enjoy nuts, you will love these healthy choice premium fudge bars. With just four grams of fat and less than two grams of total carbs, there is no need to count calories when you choose these healthy bars. With high fiber serving size, there are no worries about gaining too much weight or not having enough nutrients when you choose these tasty, high fiber snacks. You can count on getting the right amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients from these healthy choice premium fudge bars.

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