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How long is kidney transplant surgery

How long is kidney transplant surgery

Kidney transplant surgery is the implantation of a kidney taken from another person into the patient’s body. The operation of the new kidney patients live in a relaxed and comfortable manner. In order to have a kidney transplant, the patient does not necessarily have to start hemodialysis treatment.

Kidney Transplant

In recent years, kidney transplantation has been performed in the patient before starting dialysis treatment. This application, called preemptive kidney transplantation, is only possible in a limited number of patients.

Kidney transplant; It is made from living or cadaver donors. Generally, transplants from cadaver donors are more common.

How long is kidney transplant surgery

The kidney transplanted during the operation is placed just above the groin – right or left side. The artery of this kidney is sutured to a large artery located in the lower abdomen. The vein of this kidney is also sewn into a large vein. The urinary tract is mouthed into the bladder.

Under suitable conditions, this operation takes 2-4 hours.

As with any surgery, kidney transplant surgery has some risks. However, these risks are greatly reduced by developing new techniques. The probability of a serious problem is less than 1%.

Operation Process

After surgery, the hospital stay is normally one week on average. This period may be even longer. Technically, the transplant operations performed from cadavers and living donors are identical. However, it is possible to plan the surgery in advance in live transplants.

Therefore, the patient and the kidney donor are operated at the same time. In the operating room, the kidney is removed from the donor and placed in the patient.

If a kidney transplant is performed from a living donor to the patient who is followed up closely after the operation, he / she is discharged on the 5th day because of early function. However, if a kidney transplant is performed from a cadaver, the kidney will begin to function within a few days, and may be discharged on the 8th or 9th day.

Before the patient is discharged, a training is given on the drugs to be used. In the first weeks after the patient is discharged, he is called to the center for blood tests twice a week. Tracking intervals get longer over time.

Infection and acute rejection attacks may occur in the first six months after kidney transplant surgery. In such cases, hospitalization may be requested for the treatment of the patient.

Nowadays, with the development of immunosuppressive drugs, the success rate in kidney transplant surgery has increased, especially in the early period. Kidney transplant surgery can be performed on patients of all ages. A detailed cardiological examination should be performed before the operation.

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