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Lose Weight Being A Stay At Home Mom

Lose Weight Being A Stay At Home Mom

Lose Weight

Losing weight and going on a diet can be tough, and most of us want to shed extra body weight fast. But the important thing is to lose body weight in a natural manner that does not affect overall health. If you do not do so then other weight loss methods can be unsafe. You will get a lot of advice from people who lose extra body pounds with crash and fad diet, but they rarely manage to keep those pounds away.

If you are a stay at home mom and worried about your extended waist you can do a lot while staying at home. The main thing is planning, and  then the determination to execute the plan so here I would like to share a few important things for your convenience.

Count Calories – Lose Weight Ways

You need to count calories because it is the first thing you need to control if you want to lose your body weight. It will help you a lot as it has been working for many people since long. The aim behind counting calories is to keep the record of what is going inside the body. When you don’t spend the calories more than what you eat  eventually you will be overweight. This way you can manage to lose weight if you burn more calories than you consume. If you fail to do it all your weight loss efforts will go in vain.

How Much Calories You Need?

Now comes the point how much calories do you need to lose weight? There is no standard number of calories that a person needs to lose weight, and to keep it off. The caloric demand differs from individual to individual based on the height, weight , age and physical activity. The basic factor to consider while counting calories is sex a well. Calorie requirement is different for males and females.

You need to set your target before put into practice to lose the weight. As you are a stay at home mom of a normal healthy you need to reduce your calories up to 1500 to 1600.Its an estimated amount for a normal female, but if you  don’t want to rely on it you need to set your

How to Count Base Metabolic Rate?

You can easily calculate your base metabolic rate with the help of this formula. You have to take our weight in pounds, and the number of pounds needs to be multiplied by 4.3. After this you have to take your age and multiply it by 4.7. Now comes addition you need to add 655 with the first two numbers (Height+weight). After this you need to subtract the age from it to calculate your BMR.

I have given a sample of this formula for a 40 years woman whose height is 5 feet, and weight is 140 pounds.

(4.3 x 140 pounds) + (4.7 x 60 inches) + 655 – (4.7 x 40) = 1351.

Change Your Diet Plan For Lose Weight

Now you have your metabolic rate with you so now it’s the time to apply it practically. Change your diet plan as it plays a key role in calorie control. You can try a slim shake as well as it will not only help in calorie control, but will speed up the weight loss process as well. A slim shake is of great help help for you even if you are a stay at home mom so don’t wait and choose the best slim shake in your favorite flavor to lose extra pounds.


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