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Natural Ways To Protect Skin From The Sun

Natural Ways To Protect Skin From The Sun

Protect Skin From The Sun

Protect Skin From The Sun; As we all know spending too much time on the sun will get you sunburned and even cause skin cancer, but it is so nice to lie down on the beach and enjoy a warm and sunny day. Everyone knows that child’s skin needs sunscreen, because it is very sensitive to the harmful ultraviolet rays (UV), adult’s skin is no different. Depending on your skin type you can be more or less sensitive to UV rays and you still need protection.

Red and itchy skin is a reminder that you spent too much time on the sun and forgot to apply sun lotion. Skin redness will depend on your skin type and how long you spent on the sun without protection.

Skin Cancer

If you get sunburned often and rarely apply sun lotion which is at least 15 SPF (sun proof factor) you will eventually damage your skin, which will lead to premature aging and even worse skin cancer.

There are countless skin protection lotions, after sun lotions and creams available in stores and pharmacies that are effective but might for their chemical content. You can make your own sun protection from products you can find at your own home. This way you will know what is in your sun protection lotion and be confident that you will stay healthy and beautiful.

Natural Ways To Protect Skin From The Sun

Here are a few ways to get you protected from those harmful UV rays:

Natural yoghurt: Apply to burned skin and leave for 10 minutes. Yoghurt will ease the heat from skin and will make you feel more comfortable. After you are done wash it off with cool water.
Aloe Vera: this plant is well known to relieve heat and pain from many skin conditions. It has been used for hundreds of years by many people worldwide. Simply purchase a plant and grow it at your home as decoration and when needed cut off some leaves and squeeze the juices out. Apply juice to the are you feel was damaged and leave, it should absorb into skin and make you feel better. If you are not keen on buying the plant simply purchase aloe vera gel from store.

Lavender oil: Is a great remedy to relieve pain. Simply apply straight to sunburned area and feel relieved almost instantly.
Tea Bags: If you feel sunburned to your face and especially to your eyelids the best way is to use tea bags. Take two used and cold tea bags and place them on your eye lids, it will relieve pain and swelling.
Apple cider vinegar: Another very affective and 100% natural treatment that can be used to threat sunburns. Apply straight to the sunburned area and feel the relief. Use undiluted apple cider vinegar for a better and quicker effect.

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