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Physiotherapy To Cure Shoulder Pain

Physiotherapy To Cure Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain; More than 30% of the population is going to wind up injuring their shoulder during their lifetime. As for me, I have injured both my shoulders so far.
The first time I injured my shoulder, I tore some cartilage in the socket. I was lucky in that it was able to heal by itself. Just recently, I injured my shoulder again. This time it was my rotator cuff. A rotator cuff injury is common. A tear in the rotator cuff affects a group of muscles that keep the shoulder in place and enable it to move.
The muscles overlap each other and the connecting bones located in the shoulder and back. Tearing the muscles in this group can cause great pain and immobility. I tore what is known as the Supraspinatus muscle.
As a result, the muscles and tendons became swollen and inflamed. The pain spread to my collar bone and eventually ran down my left arm until I couldn’t move the left side of my upper body anymore.
When I went to see my doctor, they gave me steroids and some drugs to bring down the inflammation. The pain became easier to tolerate but it never quite went away. So I decided to have an operation on my rotator cuff.

Physiotherapy Exercises

Before I underwent an operation, I decided to go to Google website and look up shoulder pain relief. I came across something interesting called physiotherapy exercises. No one had mentioned this type of treatment to me, so I decided to give it a try on my own. I began to slowly exercise my shoulder muscles.
I started off with small movements and worked my way up to larger movements until I had a full range of motion. My self treatment has been going on for ten weeks and now I am finally able to move my left side without pain or discomfort. I decided to hold off on the operation.
If you have injured your shoulder and are having pain, don’t let it get to you. Most shoulder pains can be treated just by exercising the injured area. You can take pain medication to help get you moving again, but the important thing to remember is to keep your shoulder moving.

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