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Scabies: Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Scabies: Causes Symptoms and Treatment


What is Scabies?

Scabies is an infection caused by microscopic eight-legged mites. In this disease, female mites lay their eggs on the outer layers of the skin.When mites lay their eggs on the skin, it causes an allergic reaction, severe itching and rash on the skin.

How Is Scabies Transmitted?

Scabies typically spreads through skin-to-skin contact that takes long enough for the mites to pass from one person to another.It can also spread over shared personal items such as bedding or towels.

It can also spread easily between members of the family and sexual partners. A normal handshake or hugging is not an appropriate method for transmitting the scabies mite. The scab mite is a very slow crawling creature, it cannot jump or fly.

Scabies can be seen in places where cleaning conditions are not ideal and people are close to each other for a long time. Anyone can get scabies. The groups with the highest risk of developing scabies are;

  • Sexually active,
  • Adults with multiple partners,
  • Prison inmates,
  • In need of institutional care,
  • Living in crowded conditions
  • In child or elderly care facilities.

Scabies outbreaks can sometimes spread from daycare centers or kindergartens. Because children tend to play by touching each other frequently.

They can also share their pillows and blankets during their midday nap. If scabies is found in a child attending kindergarten, it is important to report it to staff. Even if symptoms have not arisen, the child’s classmates and caregivers will also need to be treated.

Long-term care facilities such as nursing homes can be prone to scabies outbreaks. Skin contact is common as the caregivers on duty at these facilities assist residents with bathing and dressing. It is therefore important to screen new residents and staff for scabies.

Can You Get Disease From Pets?

Cats and dogs can get scabies just like humans. However, the scab mite type seen in animals is not the same as the scab mite type seen in humans. Even if cat and dog scabies mite passes on to humans, they cannot reproduce or reproduce on human skin. This means that the mites will die without causing any serious symptoms and without starting scabies.

What are the Symptoms of Disease?

When individuals are infected with the disease mite, it takes between four and six weeks for the skin to show initial reactions. The most common of these reactions are intense itching, especially at night, rash with acne-like rash, crusts and blisters, and scars from persistent scratching.

In the early stages of the disease, the cause may not be understood, as skin rashes are similar to acne, mosquito bites and other skin complications.

What distinguishes disease from other types is the severe itching it causes. This itching is usually very severe in children and the elderly. Another distinctive feature is the appearance of long lines on the skin. These raised lines are either grayish-white or tan colored. These lines are tunnels opened by female mites just below the surface of the skin. 10 to 25 eggs are laid in these nests by each female mite.

Mites can live anywhere on the body, but they prefer certain parts of the body more than others. Among these, the foremost ones are between the fingers, wrist, elbow or knee folds, waist or belly circumference, breasts or genitals, and the head, neck, face, palms and soles in very young children and the elderly.

How Long Does Scabies Treatment Take?

The scabies disease does not heal on its own, because the scabies mites do not leave the body they are in by themselves. The disease can only be treated with prescription drugs that kill the mites. The most common treatment is applying a cream or lotion from the neck to the entire body. This cream or lotion is left on the body for 8 – 14 hours and then washed off.

Even if the drugs used in the treatment of scabies neutralize the disease mites and eggs by killing them immediately, they cannot immediately relieve the felt itching. This is the result of an ongoing allergic reaction on the skin.

If you are having problems with your health, you should go to the doctor or call 911. If you want to know more about these, you should follow U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

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