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Skin Problems Among Teenagers

Skin Problems Among Teenagers

Skin Problems

Skin problems; Acne, pimples and blackheads are major problems which are found mostly among teenagers. At this tender age where looks are considered very important, it may lead to depression. If you are suffering from any of these, everybody will suggest something to get rid of it. We can overcome these problems if we take proper care of our skin.

Inflammatory nature of the sebaceous glands present in the skin causes acne, which sometimes also leads to the formation of blackheads. Other causes of acne are the use of harsh skin care products, dehydration of the skin, yeast build up in the body and secretion of certain hormones, their proportion and their balance.

Causes of acne

We can get rid of acne if we are able to know the exact cause of acne and then taking proper care and necessary preventive measures for the same. We have to restore balance if the acne is caused due to hormonal imbalance. We can add yoga, some exercises and deep breathing in our daily routine. We should lessen coffee intake because caffeine in coffee stimulates hormone production.

Food items like dairy products, meat, refined and cooked fats and carbohydrates should be avoided.? Fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts should be promoted in the diet, as these help the body to produce alkali, which cures acne.

Consumption of yeast and sugary products should be avoided in the diet, while antibiotics supplemented with robotics leads to the formation of good bacteria, which in turn leads to digestion of food. Food digested properly can help you to keep acne at bay. If the food is not digested properly then the waste may get discharged through skin, leading to blockage of pores and the formation of acne.

Special care should be taken while using skin products as harsh skin products may dry your skin, activating the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil, hence blocking the pores and creating acne. If we keep on exfoliating the skin regularly we can get rid of the dead cells which block the skin pores.

Proper care in the right direction has to be taken to avoid acne. Certain steps have to be followed strictly. Intake of raw foods, fresh fruits, and leafy vegetables should be promoted in place of junk food.


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