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Symptoms of pregnancy after sex

Symptoms of pregnancy after sex

Symptoms of Pregnancy

In this article, we will examine “Symptoms of pregnancy after sex”. Finding out if they are pregnant is an exciting process for women who have been planning to have a child for a long time. The most common sign of pregnancy is that you miss a period or your period is delayed for a week or two.

If you do not follow your menstrual periods or if they change frequently, you may not know when you will enter your period. In this case, you can watch the signs of early pregnancy, but not all pregnant women have the same symptoms. You can take a pregnancy test to find out exactly your pregnancy.

How to Understand Your Symptom of Menstruation?

If you have a regular menstrual calendar and you haven’t had your period even though it’s due, you can take a pregnancy test. Delayed menstruation is one of the most obvious signs of pregnancy.

If your periods are irregular, if you don’t remember the date of your previous period, don’t be too sure that you are overdue. In these cases, you may have frequent urination, check if you feel nausea or any tenderness in your breasts.

Although it varies from person to person, the symptoms of pregnancy that can be seen are:

Sensitive Breasts and Tingling

If you feel more pain in your breasts before your period; this could be a sign that you are pregnant. With pregnancy hormones, blood flow increases in the breasts and there may be a tingling sensation in the nipples. Tingling is also one of the first signs of pregnancy. Some people may experience this feeling even in the first week after fertilization, and this feeling may increase as the pregnancy progresses.

Your breasts become more and more sensitive in the 6th week of pregnancy. Your breasts swell and expand. You may notice bluish veins. After getting used to hormonal changes during pregnancy, this sensitivity disappears over time.

Darkness in the Nipples

In addition to the sensitivity in your breasts, darkening of the tips can be seen. Circular areas (areolas) surrounding the nipples can generally darken from the 8th week of pregnancy.

These areas can expand within a few weeks after fertilization. Nipples may become harder and erect. You may see color changes on your skin like this. For example, the skin around the vagina and vulva (female external genital organ) may turn a dark purplish red color; but you will not notice it with a higher probability.

Symptoms of Pregnancy: Frequent Urination

Going to the toilet constantly? During early pregnancy (usually two to three weeks after conception), you have a desire to urinate very often. Changes in hormones are also the cause of the increase in urine amount. Also, your body has more blood volume and your kidneys’ efficiency increases while you are pregnant. Thus, the body is cleared of waste materials faster.

Another reason you urinate frequently is; is your womb expanding. Your uterus presses on your bladder and narrows the volume in which urine is held. If there is pain and burning sensation when urinating, there may be a urinary tract infection.

Light Bleeding

Some women may experience mild vaginal bleeding with an increase in hormones. You may feel slight cramps along with these bleeding that appears light pink or brown in your underwear. These bleedings are thought to occur in early pregnancy.

Symptoms of Pregnancy: Nausea

You may experience frequent nausea and vomiting during the first trimester of pregnancy. Some women may experience nausea after three months.


Malaise; Many women experience frequent vomiting, usually early in the day. Fatigue, which can be seen in the 4th week of pregnancy, usually starts in the 6th week.

There are also those who call this “morning sickness”; however, you may vomit or feel weak at any time of the day. This weakness may not only come with vomiting. You may feel sick.

Pregnancy hormones can make you feel tired and emotional. Of course, fatigue alone is not a sign of pregnancy; but it is a common symptom. This fatigue most affects you during the 1st and 2nd trimester of pregnancy (1st trimester and 2nd trimester).


Do you feel like a balloon? Feeling bloated can start very early in pregnancy. Hormonal changes are responsible for this swelling.

Symptoms of Pregnancy: Increase in Body Temperature

Your body temperature is 1 degree higher than your pre-pregnancy temperature, and this is high during pregnancy.

Odor Sensitivity and Cravings

During your pregnancy, you may be extremely sensitive to food or other smells. You may even be unable to tolerate the smell of your favorite foods. One of the symptoms seen in pregnancy, craving is common.

When it comes to craving, you may want some foods more, and some not at all. In some women, cravings can be seen even before the menstrual delay. Some women may have a metallic taste in their mouth.

If Pregnancy Test Is Two Lines

All or some of the symptoms mentioned above; it is enough for you to experience pregnancy excitement; but still the pregnancy test gives the definitive result in pregnancy. You can expect at least the first day of your delay, and you can get a safe result with a home pregnancy test.

If you see 2 colored lines on the test stick, you are most likely pregnant. It is the gynecologist who will still give the clearest result after the symptoms and pregnancy test. After suspicions and testing, always consult a gynecologist.

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