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The Importance of Healthy Traditions

What are Healthy Traditions? In our increasingly health-aware times, we have become more aware of the impact of chemical additives in our everyday life, it is no surprise that we would want to create our own traditions to keep us on track. When we look back through the years at the changes that our mothers and grandmothers took part in, we can see how much those individuals tried to improve their health, and how they maintained healthy eating habits while trying to avoid or delay the onset of certain diseases. Today, there are literally thousands of organic products available to improve and maintain wellness, and today I will discuss one such product, coconut oil.

Healthy Traditions Research

I began researching these organic products several years ago, and while earlier products were readily available, like my grandmother’s days, finding a product that had been around for many generations was more of a challenge. It was difficult to find and it seemed that it was something that only the older generation would know of. A friend of mine shared that she knew of a grandmother who always kept an herbal concoction of several herbs that would help prevent certain ailments. One of her “healthy traditions” involved keeping an herbal diary where she documented every single day what she ate and drank throughout the day. Surprisingly enough, this “medical history” gave me a wonderful glimpse into the ways that my parents and grandparents preserved health.

In addition to coconut oil, my friend shared a few other “healthy traditions” that her grandmother maintained. First, her grandmother used to grind corn using an old-fashioned rotary strainer. Next, she used a blender to liquefy the “dust” from the inner parts of the corn kernels and then sifted all of the dust away after she finished grinding. Finally, when she made coconut milk with the grains and nuts, she would add a little water to dilute the consistency so that it did not foam as much as traditional manufactured milk.

Healthy Traditions Products

Many of us may find it difficult to understand how coconut oil, a normal product that is widely used throughout the United States and other countries, can somehow be considered “dieter friendly” or healthy traditions. However, it is important for us to remember that traditional products such as sugar, milk, and flour are often intentionally added to foods in order to promote fast food, convenience, and sugar. These processed foods are not only bad for our bodies, but they can also be very damaging to our environment. The use of pesticides and herbicides to grow to produce is one example of how these products harm the environment. However, by using coconut oil and other natural products, we can avoid the negative environmental effects of these things while still enjoying the benefits of these items.

For my part, I am very happy that I was able to visit my grandmother’s home in Upstate New York, because one of the things that made our visit so special was that she was proudly displaying her non-GMO corn and grain products. This is something that really brought home to me, and is the reason that I have been committed to learning about and promoting healthy traditions such as her owning and using organic products. As you may know, there has been some significant progress in the development of non-GMO products over the past several years. However, the vast majority of products available to consumers still contain some form of genetically modified seeds, so my commitment is to continue to educate ourselves and our families on the dangers of these items. This is also why I believe that traditional products such as corn and wheat should be purchased only when they are 100% organic.

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