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The Many Health Benefits of Neem

The Many Health Benefits of Neem

Do you know what Neem is?

It is an ancient herb that is harvested from a Neem tree. For as long as we can remember It has been used to help treat several different medical conditions. The Neem tree was originally grown in India where its ability to thrive in drought type conditions allowed it to survive during the driest of summers when many other trees died from the lack of water.

Although the Neem tree is technically an evergreen, when the conditions are droughty the tree actually starts shedding its leaves and goes into a hibernation states similar to what leaf-bearing trees do during the cold winter months. When the tree is fully grown it should stand approximately 50-65 feet tall and has widespread boughs.

Every single part of the tree, leaves, flowers, and bark is used for medicinal purposes.

Get a Healthy Head of Hair

If you would like to do something to improve your hair’s appearance you should ask your hairdresser for a bottle Neem oil. Rubbing just a small amount of oil onto your hair will clear up a wide variety of conditions including dandruff, lice, and scalp acne. People who use a shampoo that has oil in it notice that in addition to experiencing less hair, they are less prone to graying.

Internal Benefits of Neem

There are several reasons why you should eat Neem. When mixed with a little food ıt aids in digestion and can relieve constipation, strengthens the immune system, and prevents yeast infections. A daily neem supplement will helps diabetics control their blood sugar levels. It is a natural pesticide and will rid your stomach and intestines of internal worms.

Topical Benefits 

Applying a paste or powder containing Neem will help you cure an amazing amount of skin conditions. Because It is a natural pesticide it will clear up fungal infections like athletes’ foot and ringworm. It can also clear up heat rash and many doctors recommend its use as an antibiotic when you are worried that a cut or scrape will get infected. Rubbing Neem on a pulled muscle or arthritic joint will help eliminate the inflammation and allow you to go about your day, pain free.


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