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Vitamin D Gummies

Vitamin D Gummies are popular these days. Vitamin D has recently been touted as the world’s new nutrient. More people are becoming aware of the benefits of increasing the amount of this important vitamin through diet and supplementation. It has been linked to maintaining healthy bones and muscles, as well as having a positive effect on the immune system. Vitamin D is also linked to reducing the risks of heart disease and certain cancers. While these benefits have made vitamin is one of the most researched and talked about health products, what’s still not understood is just how it works within the body.

Clinical Study of Vitamin D Gummies

In a recent gummy vitamin clinical study of this type, vitamin D and vitamin C gummies were compared to their corresponding regular tablet counterparts, as the main measure of absorbing the body’s primary nutrients being used. Dr. David A. Cogger, assistant professor at the University of Michigan Medical School Department of Internal Medicine, and his team compared the absorption rates of each vitamin using a new type of gummy vitamin that mimics the consistency of regular vitamin pills. Dr. Cogger found that both vitamins had similar absorption rates, but the new vitafusion vitamin was better at absorbing than the other type.

This was not a definitive finding, however, because it is still too early in the study to make a general statement about the absorption rates of both types of tablets. The group of researchers who performed the study did conclude that the combination of these two vitamins proved to be more absorbable than a regular vitamin C or vitamin D supplement, but that they did not prove that vitafusions were superior to tablets. This makes sense because while the combination of two nutrients may prove to be more absorbable, there is no telling just how much better the absorption is when there is only one nutrient in the pill form.

One interesting thing about the vitafusions, however, is that they are being marketed as a natural product. Many companies have taken advantage of this trend and have packaged their versions of vitafusions in just the right way to seem more natural. One example is a product called Natrol Vitamin D Gummy Vitamins. While it does list all of the usual vitamin D information that should appear on a health product label, Natrol lists “all-natural” as the primary reason for the product. However, there is nothing “natural” about the combination of ingredients that make up the regular version of the product.

Vitamin D Tablet

Now, taking all of this into consideration, is there a difference between the two forms of vitamin d? Are they interchangeable, or are there differences that make them different? Well, most vitamins and products have been standardized so that they can be absorbed into the system more effectively. In general, there are not enough differences between the regular vitamin d tablet and the vitafusion version to make the switch easy. It’s important to note, however, that there are other vitamins or tablets that have been designed specifically to work better than the standard ones. These will often times feature higher levels of vitamin D, as well as additional ingredients designed to help increase absorption rates.

So, overall, there really is no major difference between these products. They are both excellent choices for those who want to ensure their bodies are receiving the recommended daily levels of vitamin d. Both types of vitamins and are beneficial to the body, and both variants can offer the same health benefits that people would get from regular vitamin d tablets. The main difference is likely going to come down to personal preference. Some people simply prefer the flavor of the gums over the regular tablet versions or feel that they are a better alternative because of the absorption rates. No matter what your personal preferences are, though, it is important to ensure that your vitamin d is being absorbed as intended and that you are not consuming an inferior form of vitamin d with the intention of cheating your body out of the vitamin it needs.

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