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Which Mask Should You Wear?

Which Mask Should You Wear?


The mask has now become a part of our body. There are many types of masks. However, we don’t know which one to wear when and what they do. We came to bring a scientific explanation to this issue.

While examining the questions about masks, we consulted the CDC’s comprehensive study, this statement from the FDA, and the following resource.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, we constantly hear explanations about masks. Masks are sold everywhere…

But there is a mess. Some say that these masks do not help those who carry the virus, others say that only those who carry the virus should wear them. Of course, when different mask types are included in the equation, none of us have healthy information about this mask.

We investigated the questions that came to mind about masks, and we briefly examined which mask does what, who should wear which. Here you are. 👇

Surgical Mask

Surgical Mask

First of all, let’s start with surgical masks that we can easily reach. Do these masks prevent coronavirus from entering the body?

Surgical masks can be used to stop the person wearing this mask from spreading the virus or germs they have. In other words, if the wearer has a coronavirus, it prevents it from infecting you. In addition, there is no special research on the protection of people wearing this mask from coronavirus. However, the space on the sides of the mask already shows that it does not have a full protective feature.

In other words, after wearing a surgical mask, it does not seem logical to be relieved of ‘the virus does not infect me, I have a mask’ for now.

In addition, it will be beneficial to use it in any case as it is easy to use on a daily basis in terms of being cheaply available and facilitating breathing.

Paper Mask

Paper Mask

Since these masks do not have a filter layer, they neither prevent the entry of coronavirus into the body nor its exit from the body. So there is no serious difference between wearing it or not, it should be remembered that the protection it provides is at the minimum level.

It may not be wise to go out with a paper mask, which is less effective during the epidemic.



The ‘pitta mask’, which is preferred because it is more comfortable and looks better, has no function other than blocking pollen.

It is sold for cheap and is said to be washed down. However, more than one use of any mask is not recommended. It also does not prevent the spread of coronavirus. It does not protect you from surrounding viruses. In this process, it is no different from paper masks.

It is necessary not to get over the distance rules with these masks by being fooled by its appearance.


N95 Mask

The N95 or the closest FFP2 type masks are the masks with the highest protection for this epidemic.The measurements revealed that the N95 and FFP2 type masks provide more than 90% protection.

Of course, we are talking for particles that are 0.3 micron and smaller than that that create the highest risk. The biggest obstacle to the regular wearing of this mask is the respiratory problem, if you wear it comfortably, the protection of the mask may have disappeared.

But is there any risk even if we use all these masks at the same time? There is!

Just relying on masks and therefore going out on the streets is very dangerous in this process. Because the coronavirus can also penetrate our eyes, even if we pay attention to our hand hygiene, the risk at this point is not zero.

We are again at risk if we do not ventilate our clothes and keep everything in contact with the outside in a separate room when we come home.

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