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Why do my bones ache when its cold

Why do my bones ache when its cold

Bones Ache

Do your bones ache due to increased cold weather? If your answer is yes, we wrote this article for you. There are two questions in the comments you send us. The first is “Why do my bones ache when its cold” The second is “why does my knee hurt when its cold”

There may be many reasons for your bones to ache, as the weather gets colder during the winter months. Your cartilage fluid level may be low or inflamed. You can get this disease after the age of 40, but if you are young, these symptoms may also occur. You should definitely treat these bone pains. If you don’t treat it, you will experience pain all your life.

Why does my knee hurt when its cold

When you have knee pain, we cannot say that you have rheumatism. In most rheumatological diseases, in addition to pain, there is swelling in the joints, limitation of movements, and stiffness in the joints, especially when starting the day.

Commonly, the word rheumatism is used as an equivalent to pain, but this is not true. Whether the pain is an indicator of rheumatic disease or not should be distinguished by the physician.

According to our doctors; This illness is actually an immune system disease. It is not related to events such as joint load, injury. The most important distinguishing features are joint swelling and stiffness in the morning hours, and joint pain in damp and rainy weather.

In such cases, we may request a blood test from you. Based on this blood test, we can make the actual diagnosis.

However, examination findings, musculoskeletal system findings, additional findings that can be seen in the eye, kidney and skin are helpful in differential diagnosis. The treatment of this disease of you definitely requires expertise. Rheumatology and physical therapists help treat these diseases.

Why do my bones ache when its cold

The treatment for these pains depends on the cause of your illness. If arthritis is the cause of your pain, there are some treatment methods. These treatment methods are; Resting the joint, losing weight (especially for the knee), applying sometimes cold and sometimes hot, taking medications and physical therapy are valid treatment methods.

If your pain is very severe, surgical intervention can be performed. Therefore, if you have arthritis disease, you should apply to the physical therapy clinic.

Protect yourself in cold weather

First of all, you must protect yourself from the cold. Outside, you should protect your hand joints and neck vertebrae from cold, especially with gloves and scarves. When choosing shoes, you should wear shoes with soft soles that do not disturb the orthopedic curve of the foot. You should avoid shoes with very high heels.

Although it is not possible to be protected from rheumatism; Factors such as excessive weight gain, sedentary lifestyle and smoking increase pain and limitation of joint movement.

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